GMP Food Supplements Manufacturer

GMP Food Supplement Manufacturer LogoBeing a GMP Food Supplements Manufacturer,  we are externally audited to ensure that all our products are manufactured consistently, in a controlled way, and to recognised quality standards.

GMP covers all aspects of our production from sourcing raw materials, the manufacturing processes and product distribution to give you 100% confidence in the products you purchase.

We commit to applying our GMP standards to:

  • Exceptional Hygiene standards
  • The protection of the environment and preventing contamination.
  • The control and robustness of the manufacturing process.
  • Product Distribution methods.
  • Investigation of any deviation from GMP rules and regulations.
  • Control of all manufacturing procedures and record-keeping.

Every company that has successfully passed a full GMP audit is given a unique certificate number, ours is GB18/961141, and we are happy to email you a copy of our certificate if you contact us.

Many other suppliers claim to be  GMP Certified but make sure you verify this by asking them to provide their certificate number and a copy of the certificate.

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