Food Supplement Manufacturer

As a Food Supplement Manufacturer we create a wide range of health, nutrition, and beauty products and only use the finest raw materials and most advanced extraction and refinement techniques.

We are fully GMP accredited so you can be confident that our products are manufactured to the most stringently controlled conditions and according to European Health and Safety Standards.

All PND Group products are manufactured in specifically designed ‘clean rooms’ that make any risk of contamination virtually zero ensuring that there is absolutely nothing in our products other than the specific ingredients you’ve requested.

We have high capacity production lines for tablets, capsules and oils.

This means shorter lead times than many other white label companies so you can rely on us to ensure there is no disruption in supply to your customers.

With a wide range of white label products ready to purchase and apply your own branding to, we are your one stop shop when it comes to quickly and easily launching or developing your brand.

We are able to help design, print and apply your labels to ease your workload so you can focus on what keeps your business running… selling the products.

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